Your desire to be well and whole is valid.

Trainings and Workshops

Zami has over 10 years experience in community and group facilitation, as well as public speaking. Zami has worked with clinicians and medical providers, on how to support their clients using a holistic wellness approach, facilitates groups for community members, students, seniors as well as youth and young adults. Zami has been a keynote for the 2015 Body Love conference in Tucson, Arizona, a presenter and workshop facilitator at UCSF’s health and wellness summit in 2018, a speaker and wellness facilitator the 2019 Ifa Master Studies Retreat in Denver, Colorado . Zami can provide groups, workshops, and technical assistance for your business, community organization, and local groups on:

  • Preparing body, mind and spirit for gender affirming surgeries.

  • How to prioritize and schedule wellness first.

  • Building Your Wellness Ecosystem

  • Wellness as a Sacred Ritual

  • How to create a wellness center work environment and organization

  • Can curate a healing and wellness space for your next retreat or event

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