Physical Wellness and Nutrition Coaching

Achieving a life of health and wellness, is a lifelong journey, that requires you to practice radical honesty, revolutionary forms of self love , and have a commitment to your own healing. Many people attempt to go on this journey alone and fail because they don’t have the necessary support and resources to make the changes they desire. Enroll in Zami’s intensive coaching program, and invest in the one on one support you desire and deserve, to change your life around.


Zami posing with the amazing Janae Marie, after winning first place at the first Powerlifting Competition hosted at the FTM FitCon in Atlanta, GA.

Enroll in Package A:

12 week Package - $720

8 week Package- $500

Program include:

  • Weekly 45-60min accountability and wellness coaching sessions

  • Personalized nutrition and workout plan

  • Reasonable requests for free revisions to the workouts to meet clients needs

  • Coaching on how to prioritize your health and wellness first

  • Coaching around eliminating barriers that prevent you from living a life of health and wellness

  • Help creating and expanding your personal wellness ecosystem

  • Committed and compassionate coach

Enroll in Package B:

There are some folks who feel that they do not need weekly check ins or nutritional support, but need more support around what exercises to do. Zami can create a plan for you that is just physical exercise. 

12 week - $300

8 week - $200

Program Include:

  • Personalized nutrition plan

  • Personalized workout plan

    Note: Enrolling in program B does not come with weekly check-ins nor does it include revisions.

Enroll in Package C:  

Are you living in the Arizona and wanting to work with Zami one on one? Zami begins his on on one training sessions at a rate $75 per session. Email Zami for more information, on how to begin one on one in person training.