Evolve (One on One Client)

“I've been working with Zami about six months and I've seen amazing results physically, mentally and spiritual. I've had a few personal trainers and what I appreciate about Zami his holistic approach. In the beginning of our time together he sent me an assessment sheet and it was so detailed. He asked me questions about my goals and nutritions that no one else has every asked me. This questions and thoughts have keep me consistent the last few months. I also appreciate Zami's awareness around working with clients who are  depressed and transgender. As a trans person of color Zami has be so open to my experience and support my holistic transition. Our routines are challenging and never get boring. Zami also consistently sends me healthy delicious recipes and supports my learning curve by sending me videos of compound lifts so that I'm able to grasp the concepts. Overall, Zami is the coach to have if you are ready to put in work and be supported with grace.”

Bea (Distant Client)

“Working with Zami has been one of the most rewarding and simple experiences I've had around fitness and nutrition. Zami does a great job of meeting clients where they are at and working with the tools and habits they already have to create meal and fitness plans that are going to help them reach their goals in a way that is supportive and nourishing physically, mentally and spiritually. I would have never thought being able to work remotely with someone would be as effective as my experience with Zami has been. During our weekly phone check ins, he took the time to listen to any struggles or issues I may have been experiencing and really helping me adjust or try new things that could work the following week. It's been really amazing to see what his guidance has allowed me to reach physically. When it comes to the meal plans, his suggestions are easy to follow, so I never felt overwhelmed trying to implement them, and the way he adjusted my eating really supported the physical goals I was working towards. Overall, I would tell people that doing remote work with Zami is going to be a super beneficial and eye opening experience. Bringing your best to the table and being open with Zami about challenges you may be experiencing will help you reach new levels and attain goals that felt out of reach before. Thanks Zami, for your willingness to share your knowledge in support towards my health and wellness.” 

Lotus (One on One Client)

“Working with Zami Tinashe has helped me gain a deeper sense awareness and practice of wellness. Initially, I thought my goals were primarily physical - to increase overall athleticism. As the weeks passed, I experienced that along with developing a foundation for weight lifting and fitness was a process that was also emotional, spiritual and involved my whole life. While weight lifting, I experienced that I was dissociated from many parts of my body as a transgender person and survivor of substance dependence, sexual violence and medical and mental institutionalization. I also experienced that I needed to address my lifelong history of an eating disorder and work-life relationship in order to get enough nutrition and rest. I was confronted with the possibility that not only had I been under-eating and not getting enough rest my entire life, but I was experiencing this life not fully in my body. It was something I could intellectually grasp, but it was emotionally and spiritually awakening for me. I was given the opportunity to decide if I would commit to shifting my life practices or continue with my life the way it was. I think if I was at a different place emotionally and spiritually, I would not have welcomed this experience. Now I'm in my third and final month of personal training with Zami Tinashe, I've experienced enough positive changes as a result of taking some leaps of faith that I am completely open minded to exploring any of Zami Tinashe's suggestions and feedback, even if it is uncomfortable at first. Also, I am vegan and have maintained my vegan lifestyle throughout our time together. I am the strongest I have been my entire life. I feel much more confident in my body and safer in public spaces. Now, I look forward to a weight lifting session because it is my time to be with myself, in my own body, which is a blessing, and I plan on continuing to explore fitness and wellness after our personal training ends.”

Alan (One on One Client)

“I wanted to get back into shape but knew I needed someone to train me, to show me what to do and to encourage me to push myself to get stronger. I do a lot of traveling for work, and when I am home, I work long days. Because of this, it was difficult for me to stick to a nutrition plan. Zami never shamed me or made me feel guilty for not being able to follow a regular nutrition plan. Instead, he encouraged me to do the best I could, and adjusted our workouts around my eating that day. Zami takes your emotional well being into consideration and pivots workouts to help you reach your goals. After a few months with Zami training me I noticed that I was getting stronger and seeing more definition in my body. I am really appreciative of the time Zami put into training me and helping me reconnect with myself.”